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Warm & Cozy - Vanilla Bean & Cardamom Tallow Skin Cream 4oz

Warm & Cozy - Vanilla Bean & Cardamom Tallow Skin Cream 4oz

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Warm & Cozy with real Madagascar vanilla beans, cardamom, roasted cocoa butter, and a touch of raw coconut oil has a light and pleasant aroma of warm and sweet spiced vanilla, with an mild undertone of cocoa.

Our Tallow Creams are infused with 100% natural and edible ingredients so our customers can enjoy the therapeutic benefits from whole herbs, spices, resins, butters, flowers, etc.

We do not use essential oils, please do not expect a perfume or heavily fragranced product.

Tallow is naturally moisturizing, and high in vitamins A, D, E, and K.

Opt out of the chemical laden cosmetics that big beauty is slowing killing us with, and return to tradition with Warm & Cozy’s sweet and spicy goodness. 

Ingredients: 100% Beef Suet from pasture raised cows, organic Madagascar vanilla beans, organic cardamom, organic cocoa butter, organic cold pressed unrefined coconut oil




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