About Us

Welcome to The Ungovernable Project.

We are not just a tallow company. We are an idea, a movement. We started this company because our health is under attack and we are against what the 1% has been feeding us. Food is more accessible and convenient than ever, but has this convenience come at the cost of our health? Low quality ingredients, artificial colors, dyes, and sweeteners, excess sugars, fillers, gums and more are added to our food supply to further shelf life. We are being poisoned for profit.

Seed oils are among the most common additives to almost all grocery-store bought and packaged foods. The once living seeds that make these oils are processed using extreme heat, chemical solvents, and mechanical pressure. The oils are extracted from seeds that are often genetically modified and heavily sprayed with glyphosate. Not only were seed oils originally created to operate and lubricate machines, they have only trace amounts of nutrients, are disproportionately high in omega 6 fatty acids, and are increasingly being used as engine fuel today. 

We believe that there is a connection between the addition and overuse of highly processed foods and the extreme rise of chronic disease, obesity, and mental disorders that we've seen over the last 100 years. We have all endured decades of mass manipulation from the government, media, corporate monopolies, big pharma and more. Big food and big farming are no different. They want us weak, overweight, sick, and docile eating poison.

This is why we are returning to tradition, cooking with animal fat like our ancestors did. Animal fats are natural, bioavailable in our gut and biocompatible with our skin. They are what humans have consumed for thousands of years before modern disease and illness became rampant. Toss your seed oils in your chainsaw or garbage where they belong and swap for Ungovernable's nutritious beef tallow. 

Our tallow is made from the suet or kidney fat of cows that are pasture raised in south Texas. We've partnered with a ranch who's code of ethics is an animal first policy which is why they have been granted the esteemed label of USDA Certified Responsibly Raised. They believe (and we do too) that "A great beef experience begins with the quality of each animal's life."

God gave us everything we need including the beasts that roam the earth. It's time to become UNGOVERNABLE. Stop eating the government cheese and start living off the cow fat of the land.